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The Immediate Impact Series - Yellow Belt training shows participants the fundamentals of CI and works the class through Lean tools using A3 to scope and start a project to be completed after training.  

Participants will apply the tools learned in class to an actual problem in the workplace. This will allow them to break down the problem during class and get guidance toward the root cause.   As a result, participants will be able to solve problems in their process directly, or be a team member for a Six Sigma, Lean, or Teaming initiative.  Participants will leave training with a scoped project they can execute after the class ends.

There is emphasis on understanding the “softer” skills associated with making changes and improving the health of the company culture.  For instance, Yellow Belts take a DiSC Personality Profile Assessment and start to understand how people want to be communicated with.  

Typical Format

The format is flexible depending on the needs of the organization.  Often, there are 2 groups, morning and afternoon, or A and B cohorts.  Each group focuses on their own workplace issues for (16-20) hours with 4-hour sessions one week apart.  Training topics meet the group where they are and apply the learning needed to be successful with their issue.

 One deliverable is the planning and implementation of a project to be completed after the class ends.  By learning concepts with a goal in mind, people can plan the overall approach of an area process improvement.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt - This 16 hour course gives people the tools needed to follow the Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology to solve problems they encounter.  Tools covered include 5S and flow, standard work, Gemba boards, and communication using A3 to manage the project.  It is a foundation course prior to taking "Six Sigma Green Belt ” or the other practitioner tracks.

Participants will be able to follow the A3 methodology of executing projects to completion upon finishing this course. They will know how Lean and Six Sigma tools work together, and what tools to use in a given situation. Incorporate Lean thinking using the Paul Akers approach with 2 Second Lean, making a difference every day.

Goals of this class:

Participants can:

  • Scope workstation level projects 
  • Work in groups to tackle larger levels of the process
  • Understand how to impact company culture to support CI efforts

Agenda for Yellow Belt



 Session 1

DMAIC and PDCA Overview | A3 and SIPOC | Mind Maps | Problem Statement & Objective

Session 2

Collecting and analyzing data using pivot tables and charts | DiSC Personality Profile Survey

Session 3

Root Cause | 5 Whys and Cause Mapping | Fishbone Diagrams | Lean Tools - 5S and Standard Work

Session 4

Lean Tools | 5 Minute Meetings & Gemba Boards | Project Implementation Planning 


    • Up to 2 sessions each day with a morning group and afternoon group
    • Sessions are held a week apart for continuity and momentum
    • Homework is expected to continue working in the project areas outside of class
    • Adding additional coaching time will ensure that projects get completed with guidance