A Custom Engineered Guarding Fabricator

  Project image 11) Issue: Engineering quotations were late 27% of the time – leading to customer dissatisfaction.                                   

Countermeasure:  Analysis of process showed that lack of standard procedures led to delays. 

Standard work implemented to reduce late quotations to less than 5%



 A Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Project 2 image

 2)  Issue: Minor delays in downtime while waiting for WIP to arrive at machine centers ended up costing $195K per year in losses for a corrugated box manufacturer.

 Countermeasure: Analysis of issues resulted in process changes in point-of-use storage and labeling to make it easier to find WIP


 A Cocoa Processing Company

Project 3 image

 3)  Issue: Warehouse damages for a cocoa producer was costing over $500K in lost product per year – leading to shipping delays and excess cost.

Countermeasure: Analysis of the issues led to simple changes in layout, racking and handling practices that reduced losses by over 80%.



 A Medical Device Manufacturer

Project 4 image

 4) Issue: A medical device manufacturer was having excessive failures on a collagen-based product that were costing over $400K per year in scrap.

Countermeasure: Analysis of the failures showed process and equipment issues that reduced the losses by 70% once changes were implemented.