Using Lean thinking and practice helps organizations become both innovative and competitive, which in turn allows them to become sustainable. Many Lean initiatives fail because people do not know where to start or how to sustain improvements. 

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize where and how to apply lean principles to increase value and eliminate waste in your daily work
  • Resolve business challenges by using scientific thinking, PDCA-based problem solving
  • Identify work activities as being “value-added” or “non-value-added” and understand how they affect workflow
  • Understand that Lean Transformation includes value, work, people, management systems, Lean leadership and basic thinking

Whether you are new to the concept of utilizing Lean or are a team member who is going to be working on Lean projects in the workplace, this course will help you learn the foundation that Lean is built on. The course will also show you how you can apply Lean techniques by utilizing some of the most common tools so you can confidently begin your journey with applying Lean to improve processes. 

The only prerequisite required for this course is the desire to make things better.

Lean Practitioner Class Schedule & Agenda To Be Scheduled

  Session 1    


  Introduction to Lean.  Change Management.  

  A3 and Mapping the Process - Current State

  Session 2

  Mapping the Process - Future State.  Defining the Target   Conditions.

  Project Coaching 

  Session 3


  Root Cause Analysis, Data Collection and Graphical Analysis. 

  Kata for the Real World and Teaming

  Session 4


  6S Implementation and Cellular Flow.  

 Standard Work and DISC

  Session 5


  Equipment Focus:  SMED and TPM

  Session 6


  Project Report-out.

Cost :

$3250 per person. 10% discount for 3 or more people from the same company

Included in the course:

Project coaching throughout
All templates and files used in the training
Electronic copies of all slides used in the course
Hands-on exercises