Both new-leader coaching and project coaching are critical to ensure success. Newly promoted leaders in the organization need to learn their roles quickly. They need to mature their leadership style, provide effective feedback to team members, and measure the performance of their areas. An individual coaching program will spin up new leaders faster. The coaching program also provides new leaders the confidence and support they need to succeed in a team-based environment.

New-leader coaching is very effective in providing new managers with a unique growth plan based on their strengths and the needs of the organization. CI Consulting Services works with your organization to create and sustain systems and processes that actually work. If you’re looking to eliminate waste, save time, and increase your bottom line, then you’re in the right place! We believe in practical solutions for the real world.

With over 25 years of experience providing CI services, our team has the expertise to improve organizations of all shapes and sizes. We have trained and coached over 1100 people in certified CI programs to successfully complete CI projects. We specialize in working with local manufacturers to help solve operations issues, such as late product delivery and quality issues, by driving to root causes through the use of Six Sigma analytical tools and Lean tools. We have experience to know how to make theory work in the workplace.