Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course Details

Participants will learn to understand and combat variation in everyday processes following the DMAIC methodology. They will learn project management tools to:

Define and scope a project

Measure data to describe the problem faced

Analyze the data to drive to root cause

Improve the situation through use of Lean tools

Control the gains generated throughout the project

Typically the ROI of the training project exceeds the course fees several times over - many projects can return $30-50K of savings or more depending on project selection. We guarantee a positive ROI in savings as well as developing your people to achieve a higher level of performance. 

This course is recommended for staff in production, engineering, finance, project management, administration, and others at all levels who want to make a measurable difference in the ongoing growth of the company.

2023 Schedule and Dates

For Public Courses the sequence is 2 class days every 3 weeks with (3) 1.5 hour coaching sessions per project team spread throughout the training.

Course session dates as follows:

 BB Session 1    Marh 2-3 Days 1-2 Green Belt Review
 BB Coaching 1  TBD How Do I Start My Project?
 BB Session 2 March 23-24 Days 3-4 Hypothesis Testing
 BB Session 3 April 13-14 Days 5-6 T-tests, P-tests, ANOVA
 BB Coaching 2 TBD I've Got Data, Now What?
 BB Session 4 May 4-5 Days 7-8 ANOVA and DOE
 BB Session 5 June 1-2 Days 9-10 DOE competition and Wrap-up
 BB Coaching 3   April 21 How Do I Close My Project?
 Final report-out  May 19 Presentation to Sponsor and Leadership

Cost :

$4,650 per person. Including all items except software.  10% discount for 3 or more people from the same company

Included in the course:

Project coaching throughout

All templates and files used in the training

Electronic copies of all slides used in the course

Hands-on exercises

Statistical software

Software Options: 

 Minitab is the software used for advanced statistical and Design of Experiments (DOE) applications.

More info:

Course location will be rotated among participant sites, as appropriate. This enables all participants to experience several different plant environments and to get a better feel for other projects in the class. See the FAQ for more information, which you can access by clicking here.