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February 2020                                                                 Suburban Philadelphia, PA                                               


On My Mind:

Manny Veloso 


Starting Projects the Right Way

On Wednesday Feb 12, I hosted an ASQ Lean Enterprise Division webinar on mind mapping.  As I was designing the webinar I realized that explaining how to use a tool is not very interesting so I thought about how I use mind mapping. 

I realized that these days I'm a strong advocate of writing a good problem statement and objective to focus on the problem at hand.  I encourage teams to keep the problem statement and objective on the wall as they discuss the project so they can avoid talking about things they can't control or are out of scope for the project.

Then I typically build a SIPOC to define the process and key inputs and outputs to scope the process under investigation.  After that I use a mind map to explore the topic and figure out the right way to dig into the project, what areas to start with, what areas to measure and any other important considerations as the project proceeds

Whether you use an A3 or a DMAIC project charter to document your projects doing these three activities up front will give you a lot of information about the right way to start your project.

I must have been on the right path since after the webinar I got a number of requests for the slide deck and template - the ultimate compliment in my mind. 

Enjoy the Spring-like weather.  All the best.


Upcoming Events:

A Lean Practitioner Certification Course is starting April 14-15.  This course enables you to use Lean thinking and tools to have a positive impact on your workplace.  Course includes classroom learning, small group exercises, a project to complete and project coaching to help walk you through applying new concepts to your company issues.

A Lean Masters Certification Course is starting April 21-22.  This course goes beyond practicing Lean day-to-day in your work area.  This course teaches you to lead and sustain projects throughout the organization using Lean leadership and coaching skills to introduce Lean thinking into other people's skillsets.  

Check the website for more information under 'Training Events'.  You can access the page by clicking here.  Both courses are held on a rotating basis among participant locations to expose students to several different industries and projects

Are you a Green Belt looking for more?  I am teaching a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Transition (LSSBBT) course for ASQ (American Society for Quality) in Blue Bell, PA starting May 11.  This course consists of Weeks 3-4 ONLY of the ASQ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course offered at a truly special price.  You can read more on ASQ's website by clicking here.

ā€œThe biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.ā€
ā€“ Helmut Schmidt 

CI Terms Defined


"Mind Mapping"

According to Wikipedia, "A Mind Map is a diagram used to visually organize information that shows relationships among pieces of the whole."  A typical mind map is shown below:

This particular mind map focuses on the root cause of production errors.  Other mind maps can be used to plan a project or to summarize a topic.  One great feature of a mind map is that the entire group feels engaged as they call out additions to the map. Mind maps are a key part of starting a project successfully.

To learn more about Mind Maps you can read the Wikipedia article by clicking here.

Video Links from Youtube:  

Lean Video - Meals Per Hour- Less than 6.5 minutes long.  This inspirational video shows how kaizen can be applied to help feed hungry people faster.

2-Second Lean in Germany - 6.5 minutes long.  Paul Akers helps a team take a process from 46 seconds to 12 seconds through kaizen.

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