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 August 2022                                                                 Suburban Philadelphia, PA                                               


  Introducing Rosa Melton, anchoring the
Human Side of Lean practice with CICS

RosaMelton Rosa is an experienced project manager specializing in driving the Culture of Improvement using Lean methods and principles.  

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 On My Mind:
                  Building Practitioners                     

Manny Veloso

If you Google the term 'Green Belt Training' in an instant (that lasted about 0.54 seconds in my case), you'll find about 323 million hits.  

Once you start looking at the search results, pretty quickly it's a race to the bottom: Every listing advertises the same things, 

"Less time, less effort, less cost."  

I even saw FREE Green Belt training advertised on LinkedIn today.  (Reach out if you want the link for it, although why would you?)

The reality is that creating a a person who has the skillset to recognize and make improvements in daily operations is challenging.  It takes time, effort, and opportunities to practice the CI skillset.  

Problem solvers need to be able to identify opportunities and get to the root cause of the situation.  Only then can we apply countermeasures in order to solve the problem or make the situation better.

It takes learning and the experience of doing

projects, with the help of a coach, 

to build a practitioner.

I recognize now that what CICS does is help create practitioners who can identify and make improvements in a company's operations.  We're not interested in people who can pass a certification exam after training, we want to develo people who can make a difference.

Interested participants and willing employers are part of the formula for success.  Also required elements is a CI mindset and developing a team-oriented culture.  

We can't do it all, however, at CICS, we do our part by offering a rigorous course of training with in-class exercises, and project coaching throughout the course.

People often get confused about the difference between certificates and certifications.  Sometimes both are awarded for the same training class.

What's the difference?  

The difference between Training Certificates and Certifications:  

A Certificate tells the world that you went to training. 

A Certification means that you have achieved some sort of accomplishment.  Sometimes that's passing a certification exam.

For CICS, it's completing a project during training with a meaningful outcome.  We can't guarantee you'll ever do more than one project, however we can guarantee that you did at least one.

Upcoming Events:

Fall Certification Series

"We Build Practitioners"

We achieve this through training and coaching with hands-on projects that will enable your employees to identify and take advantage of CI opportunities in your operation.  

Courses are scheduled:

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Green Belt November 2022

Black Belt Spring 2023

Click on the links for specific dates and course agendas.

Courses are held on a rotating basis among participant locations in the Philadelphia area to expose students to several different industries and types of projects.

Project coaching is included as well and courses will be offered in a hybrid or online format, depending on the social situation at the time.

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