Announcing the CICS 2022-2023 Training Schedule

In the pursuit of excellence, CI Consulting Services LLC offers upcoming public classes.  All classes are interactive, hands-on workshops, simultaneously learning and using the principles of Lean. 

Participants will be working on actual real-time projects that address the needs of their organizations and will receive comprehensive classroom instruction as well as personal project coaching.

Lean Practitioner Certification Course to be scheduled.  This course enables you to use Lean thinking and tools to have a positive impact on your workplace.  It includes classroom learning, small group exercises, a project to complete and project coaching to walk you through applying new concepts to your company issues. 


The only requirement for this course is the desire to make things better.


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  Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Course is a 16 hour On-demand course with a minimum of 6 people for onsite training.  Call or email for more info!  

Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a 16 hour certification course which provides show students how Continuous Improvement (CI) methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma are the same and how they differ.  The course shows students how to complete projects using the A3 methodology.  

Yellow Belts are part-time team members on Lean and Six Sigma projects.

This is the entry-level course for CI practitioners who can then branch out into the Lean or Facilitator or Six Sigma tracks.

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      Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course starts Nov 2022.

Six Sigma Green Belt is an 80 hour certification course with project coaching focused on data-driven tools using the DMAIC methodology. 

Green Belts are typically part-time and execute projects related to their current responsibilities. 

Using the DMAIC methodology and coaching sessions, participants will complete a company project during training to both provide an ROI for the organization and to give people practice in the tools they are learning. 

This is a practitioner-level course.  At the end people will be able to plan projects and execute changes in the workplace.

While previous Lean knowledge is helpful it is not necessary for this class to be a positive learning experience.

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     Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course starts March 2023. 

The journey to Black Belt by taking Green Belt and then executing multiple projects to hone their understanding of Green Belt tools. 

This is an 80 hour certification course with project coaching focused on advanced statistical tools and advanced project management concepts. 

Black Belts are able to take on projects that include multiple departments or organizations.  They learn such statistical concepts as ANOVA and Design of Experiments (DOE), which enable effective and efficient experimentation to find the best settings to run a process. 

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Whether you are new to the concept of Lean or are an active Lean practitioner, our courses are designed help you apply the principles of Lean every day, and confidently begin your journey of Continuous Improvement.

We look forward to seeing you in class!