Concept of Sustained Operational Engagement

At CI Consulting it is our mission to provide our clients continuous improvement initiatives that deliver tangible and measurable results. We are committed to improving the level of service to your customers that also yield favorable results to the bottom line. Our unique approach of sustained engagement at all level of your organization allows us to ensure and maintain positive momentum throughout the entire initiative(s).

Traditionally continuous improvement projects, whether done entirely in-house or with the participation of a third party, begin with excitement and enthusiasm. The targeted improvement opportunities are real. The benefits to the business are real. Unfortunately, as time passes the momentum that was apparent at launch tends to fade. Often due to team members having to shift the focus to deal with the challenges that the project was intended to eliminate.
CI Consulting has an innovative approach of sustained engagement which sets us apart from some of the traditional providers. Our philosophy is to embed highly capable manufacturing veterans with the team member at the client. This facilitates continued momentum, continued coaching, and close to real time course correction if necessary. Just as crucially, it also fosters a positive rapport with Operators/Technicians that often results in more employee engagement that we may not achieve in a conference room setting.

Preferred Methodology

Project inception (Day 1) we like to meet with business leaders and stakeholders to fully understand the current state and get their perspective on where we should focus our efforts to ensure consistency with their long-term strategy. Quite often through those discussions we can identify additional business process optimization opportunities. Once aligned with leadership we then prefer to include any individual that touches the targeted section of the value stream to understand their challenges and ensure engagement.
Once familiar with the specific improvement opportunity, a team is selected and root cause analysis meetings begin. We document current state, define future state, and develop a road map to success. We utilize our expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Kaizen, FMEA, Root Cause Analysis, VSM and other world class tools as needed. That road map is then converted to a project plan with timelines, milestones, and action owners. In addition, we define the measurables then test the integrity of the data that will be used to calculate defined performance indicators to ensure accuracy.
At this point we are ready to begin the action phase of the initiative. Depending on the scope of the project the inception phase can last a few days until the initial goals and direction are clear.
Now we are at the stage in the project that we strongly believe sets CI Consulting Services apart, which is Sustained Engagement. Traditionally this is where other service providers conclude their participation, because they have demonstrated theoretical improvement. It is far too common that the project momentum fades and the calculated gains are rarely achieved or sustained, resulting in the client getting little to no return on investment.
When we are confident that the project is moving forward, and that the team members understand their role and its importance, we tactically fall back. However, our participation and commitment to the project is far from over. The frequency of our onsite sustained engagement will be determined between CI Consulting Services and client leadership based on costing and budget needs. We do however, recommend between two to four days per month.


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