Spotlight on CI Newsletter July 2021

Spotlight on CI Newsletter July 2021




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 July 2021                                                             Bensalem, PA                            



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Upcoming Events:

Fall Certification Series:

We've been building online courses now for the last few months and can deliver training using video conferencing.  In-person training onsite is best for making real improvements to your operations.    

Courses are scheduled for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

Lean Practitioner - Starts Spring 2022

Six Sigma Green Belt - Starts September 2021

Six Sigma Black Belt - Starts Jan 2021

Click on the links for specific dates and course agendas.

Courses are held on a rotating basis among participant locations to expose students to several different industries and projects.

Project coaching is included as well and courses will be offered in a hybrid or online format, depending on the social situation at the time.  


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CI Terms Defined


"Muda Walk"

"Muda" is a Japanese word for waste.  A muda walk is an activity in which a group of people walk the operational floor to spot any of the 8 Wastes of Lean.

A muda walk is commonly done when training in Lean.  It also can be effective in spotting opportunities for continuous improvement.  It really only works well if participants can stay quiet and observe for a period of time, as in an Ohno circle.  Also, operators should be consulted for any issues they experience that may not be immediately visible.



Video Links from Youtube:  

ASQ LED Webinar with Paul Akers and Manny-  25 minutes of questions.  Paul Akers tells it like it is when talking about how fun Lean can be.  Video is chaptered to easily find the sections you want, even in the Q&A section.


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