Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course Details

Participants will learn to understand and combat variation in everyday processes following the DMAIC methodology. They will learn project management tools to:


 Define  goals and scope of the project
 Measure  data to describe the problem faced
 Analyze  the data to drive to root cause
 Improve  the situation through use of Lean tools
 Control  the gains generated through the project


Typically the ROI of the training project exceeds the course fees several times over - many projects can return $30-50K of savings. We guarantee a positive ROI in savings as well as developing your people to achieve a higher level of performance. This course is recommended for staff in production, engineering, finance, project management, administration, and others atl levels, and others who want to make a measurable difference in the ongoing growth of the company.

November 2022 Schedule of classes

Note:  Coaching sessions require only 1.5 hours per project team during each session - NOT the entire time scheduled 

Session 1

Nov 10-11

2 days

GB Days 1-2 – Define

Project Selection. Creating a project charter. Basic Statistics. Next Steps

Coaching 1


1.5 hours per project team

Coaching 1 – How Do I Start My Project?

Session 2

Dec 1-2

2 days

GB Days 3-4 – Measure

SIPOC and mind mapping.  Process mapping.  Graphical methods of data analysis

Session 3

Dec 15-16

2 days

GB Days 5-6 – Measure and Analyze

Operational Definitions. Teaming. Managing Change. Attribute MSA and Variable MSA. Process Capability.

Coaching 2


1.5 hours per project team

Coaching 2 – I’ve Got Data, Now What?

Session 4

Jan 7-8 '23

2 days

GB Days 7-8 – Analyze and Improve

Root Cause Analysis.  Lean Overview.  5S. Value of Speed.  Lean Daily Management.

Session 5

Jan 26-27

2 days

GB Days 9-10 – Improve and Control

TPM and OEE.  Kaizen.  SPC.  Implementing solutions.  Control Plans

Coaching 3


1.5 hours per project team

Coaching 3 – How Do I Close My Project?


Feb 17 '23

½ day

Final report-out to leadership

20-30 minute presentation to leaders on project and results.

Cost :
$4250 per person. Including all items except software. 10% discount for 3 or more people from the same company
Items included in the course:
Project coaching throughout
All templates and files used in the training
Electronic copies of all slides used in the course
Hands-on exercises
Statistical software
Kit for collecting data and understanding variation (for participants to keep)
Software Options: 
Note: Both the Excel add-in, QI Macros, and Minitab supported in class
More info:
This course  uses an Excel add-in (QI Macros) or Minitab.  Course location will be rotated among participant sites, as appropriate. This enables all to experience several different plant environments and to get a better feel for other projects in the class. See the FAQ for more information, which you can access by clicking here