Welcome to CI Consulting Services

We are a premier provider of continuous improvement (CI) services including Lean consulting and Six Sigma consulting. We specialize in customizing our offerings to meet your company’s needs and to establish connections with your employees. Our Lean and Six Sigma consultants have years of experience working in different industries and companies of all sizes.

Training Services
Our approach is to build practitioners through classroom learning, in-class exercises, completing a project, and project coaching.  We build practitioners one project at a time!  Check out our training page for more information.  Yellow Belt is 16 hours of training on demand.  Green Belt starts Nov 2022 and Black Belt starts March 2023.
Coaching for Success
Both new-leader coaching and project coaching are critical to ensure success. Newly promoted leaders in the organization need to learn their roles quickly. They need to mature their leadership style, provide effective feedback to team members, and measure the performance of their areas. An individual coaching program will spin up new leaders faster. The coaching program also provides new leaders the confidence and support they need to succeed in a team-based environment. New-leader coaching is very effective in providing new managers with a unique growth plan based on their strengths and the needs of the organization. CI Consulting Services works with your organization to create and sustain systems and processes that actually work. If you’re looking to eliminate waste, save time, and increase your bottom line, then you’re in the right place! We believe in practical solutions for the real world. With over 25 years of experience providing CI services, our team has the expertise to improve organizations of all shapes and sizes. We have trained and coached over 1100 people in certified CI programs to successfully complete CI projects. We specialize in working with local manufacturers to help solve operations issues, such as late product delivery and quality issues, by driving to root causes through the use of Six Sigma analytical tools and Lean tools. We have experience to know how to make theory work in the workplace.
Immediate Impact Series
Whether you have been on the CI journey for years or are just starting out, there are always opportunities to improve profitability and reduce waste. Our Immediate Impact series is designed to focus on a specific opportunity in your organization and deliver measurable results in a short time. To learn how, schedule a free Lean assessment of your operation or office.  With a Lean assessment, one of our experienced consultants will assess your situation and provide an assessment of opportunities and the benefits of implementing effective countermeasures. It’s how you can see the ROI of further improvements which can be huge. The Immediate Impact series offers a 1-3 day course with a specific goal. Typically the class opens up with defining the goals for the event. Then specific training is provided so team members understand how to achieve their goals. Time is then spent implementing countermeasures to address the opportunities found during the event. The Immediate Impact event then closes with a final report-out and action item list for follow-up over the next 30 days. Training and implementation can be done in public sessions as well as on-site for groups of 6 or more people. For more information contact us here.
There is a lot of information on our site, including FAQs, case studies, and articles on different aspects of CI.  Feel free to click around and explore the site. One popular article is entitled “How to Know if Lean Can Work for You”, which you can read by clicking here Another popular article is entitled "Kata in the Real World" which shows how to have CI conversations with anybody which you can read by clicking here. To schedule your free Lean assessment click here Call 215-983-7653 or click here if you're ready to pursue excellence!