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We are a premier provider of continuous improvement (CI) services including Lean consulting and Six Sigma consulting. We specialize in customizing our offerings to meet your company’s needs and to establish connections with your employees. Our Lean and Six Sigma consultants have years of experience working in different industries and companies of all sizes.  

Training Services

Our approach is to build practitioners through classroom learning, in-class exercises, completing a project, and project coaching.  We build practitioners one project at a time! 

Check out our training page for more information.  Yellow Belt is 16 hours of training on demand.  

Coaching for Success

Both new-leader coaching and project coaching are critical to ensure success. Newly promoted leaders in the organization need to learn their roles quickly. They need to mature their leadership style, provide effective feedback to team members, and measure the performance of their areas. An individual coaching program will spin up new leaders faster. The coaching program also provides new leaders the confidence and support they need to succeed in a team-based environment.

New-leader coaching is very effective in providing new managers with a unique growth plan based on their strengths and the needs of the organization. CI Consulting Services works with your organization to create and sustain systems and processes that actually work. If you’re looking to eliminate waste, save time, and increase your bottom line, then you’re in the right place! We believe in practical solutions for the real world.

With over 25 years of experience providing CI services, our team has the expertise to improve organizations of all shapes and sizes. We have trained and coached over 1100 people in certified CI programs to successfully complete CI projects. We specialize in working with local manufacturers to help solve operations issues, such as late product delivery and quality issues, by driving to root causes through the use of Six Sigma analytical tools and Lean tools. We have experience to know how to make theory work in the workplace.

Immediate Impact Series

Whether you have been on the CI journey for years or are just starting out, there are always opportunities to improve profitability and reduce waste. Our Immediate Impact series is designed to focus on a specific opportunity in your organization and deliver measurable results in a short time. To learn how, schedule a free Lean assessment of your operation or office.  With a Lean assessment, one of our experienced consultants will assess your situation and provide an assessment of opportunities and the benefits of implementing effective countermeasures. It’s how you can see the ROI of further improvements which can be huge.

The Immediate Impact series offers a 1-3 day course with a specific goal. Typically the class opens up with defining the goals for the event. Then specific training is provided so team members understand how to achieve their goals. Time is then spent implementing countermeasures to address the opportunities found during the event. The Immediate Impact event then closes with a final report-out and action item list for follow-up over the next 30 days.

Training and implementation can be done in public sessions as well as on-site for groups of 6 or more people.

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"Manny is a great professional and the best Six Sigma expert I ever had the opportunity to work with.  It was an eye-opening presentation for everybody and it was very well done – entertaining and flexible to meet our needs.  Manny could answer all questions asked and delivered the course in a very interesting format."

Alain Masson
Director Global Quality
Church & Dwight

"I was fortunate to meet Manny about 10 years ago while looking for consulting services related to Process Improvement, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.  I would describe Manny as a committed, very hard and smart worker, and a team player on whom all of the people around him could count on reliably. Manny is a master of his profession, and has a great understanding of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. His instruction is delivered so that all laymen can understand the concepts and implement solutions.
Manny is personable, reliable and a pleasure to work with."

Carlos A. Najera
Quality Assurance, Environmental Auditor
ISO 9001, ISO 13485

Call 215-983-7653 or click here if you're ready to pursue excellence!“Our bank needed guidance on improving internal procedures across multiple areas of the bank. We asked Montgomery County Community College and Manny to present solutions to assist us in moving forward. We learned the basic principles of applying the Six Sigma process in our bank which helped us better recognize redundancies in our process. Additional value came from the group discussion in each session and workshopping ideas to improve our internal and external customer experience. I would recommend Manny and the Workforce Development program to any businesses facing the same or different challenges.”

Bill Vitiello
Business Development Manager
Victory Bank

“Manny has an innate ability to cut through the noise and takes a pragmatic approach to deliver honest, repeatable bottom line results. He quickly connects with company staff and dives into the data, working to close gaps, improve performance, implement change and drive sustainability. Manny and CI Consulting deliver on their promises and deliver ROI faster than any other group I’ve worked with, bar none.”

Mike Farabella
Outbound Operations Manager
Transformco SR Brands, LLC

"I had met Manny through a co-worker who always spoke very highly of him. When seeking my Lean - Green Belt certification, I reached out to him and it has been a positive and rewarding experience ever since. Not only does Manny build Lean thinkers, but more importantly, he builds relationships and a network of expert resources. His broad operational knowledge and business acumen is quite impressive. He has helped me in ways outside the scope of the original interaction that brought us together. My journey has more momentum now, having known and worked with Manny."

John Stipa
Operations Manager
Stipa Operations Solutions, LLC

Here is a LinkedIn post by one of my students regarding the letter in the CICS July, 2020 newsletter entitled "The 30" Snow".  You can access the newsletter by clicking here

"Great article by one of my early mentors Manny Veloso. How many time in our daily work lives do we hear "oh, that always happens", taking the few extreme situations as common occurrence. As Manny has always preached to me "In God we trust, all others bring data.". Great points to highlight that it is not only important to capture the data but to understand what it is telling us. What is common versus special cause variation? How do we identify the common issues that need further investigation? What inputs could be causing the variation? These are some of the questions we need to consider in order to properly address the root cause and reduce variation. Many times what we find is that the problem brought up has happen infrequently and is not the true issue we should be addressing. We then need to look at the data closer to see what is going on. Descriptive statistics are a great way to start!"

Matt Rapp
Head of Operations
Bender Inc. 

"Coming from a non-manufacturing company I was a little leary about how much of the Six Sigma Gree Belt would transition to my current company and role as a director.  Boy, was I wrong!  This class blew me away!  Six Sigma truly changes the way you think about everything from work to your personal life.  I would highly recomment this course for anyone looking to improve themselves."

Jessica Saile
Director of Program Management
Ferrandino and Sons, Inc.


There is a lot of information on our site, including FAQs, case studies, and articles on different aspects of CI.  Feel free to click around and explore the site.

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Call 215-983-7653 or click here if you're ready to pursue excellence!